Souvenir game from the most
mysterious place on Earth.

Price — 695 RUB
Siberia is in the middle of nowhere; a green spot on the geographical map. A place of natural contrasts and unheard of variations where ringing winter frosts and exhausting summer heat are not considered being radical. Siberia is widely known to be situated in Russia, whereas people are asked about its location the answers probably could be very conflicting, especially concerning people who have never been to Siberia.
Discover Siberia is presented in compilations of the most prominent package design and advertisment websites and magazines — Packaging of the World, The Dieline, Luerzer's Archive.
We are happy to present you a memory board-game DISCOVER SIBERIA.
English + Russian;
short guide on main Siberian cities, touristic places and associations;
72 bright cards;
— age category 3+.
Put the cards facedown.
Turn the cards over by turn, find a pair
for each: picture — name.
Colour of the card and prospect with detailed description will help to identify the pair.
Souvenir game Discover Siberia
72 cards + short guide
695 RUB (+delivery)
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